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Write a Winning Resume

What is the single biggest mistake adjusters make when they’re looking for a new job? They don’t see themselves from the employers’ perspective. And they downplay their personality strengths. Let me explain.

LOTS of people think they shouldn’t overshare in a job interview. That’s true. Hiring managers don’t want to know what happened to your Aunt Josephine’s house in that famous hailstorm of 1965, or why you like dogs more than cats. But they do need to see that you are a people person! This a business built on relationships, so being friendly, outgoing and accessible will be critical to your success.

Remember: the community of claims adjusters is social and connected. So, when you present your resume, be confident and demonstrate how ready you are to represent the company’s image in the most positive light possible.

Put your strengths front and center. Don’t make the hiring manager work hard to get basic information from resume:

  • Start with your contact information, at the top of the page, should include your full name, a mailing address, an email address, and a phone number. (Can you believe that about 30% of the resumes I receive don’t’ have that basic information – those are the ones that end up in the circular file)
  • Give your resume to someone you trust to review it and catch spelling mistakes. You don’t want to make a bad first impression.
  • Give examples of successful professional interactions, even if your last job was at a customer service call center or waiting tables. Are you approachable? Do you communicate clearly? Have you worked with all kinds of people?

I am confident you can get the claims job you want if you are confident, highlight your strengths, and make it easy for potential employers to follow up with you!

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